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General Info

ServerCrafter is a graphical user interface for hosting Minecraft severs written in C# and XAML (WPF). Technically, it's called a "server wrapper". When released, it will provide many additional features such as:

  • Buttons for easy access to common commands.
  • Auto-complete when typing commands.
  • Colored server output in customizable colors.
  • Performance monitors for CPU and RAM usage for ServerCrafter, the server and the total computer usage.
  • Quick access to info such as IP address, port number, port open status.
  • Advanced options for launching servers (RAM allocation, launch parameters).
  • Automatic download of common server jar files (CraftBukkit, Vanilla, Vanilla with Forge).
  • Sound and tray notification for warnings, errors and on player join and leave (customizable).
  • Plugins manager (includes info and installation for all plugins that are on
  • Player list, mods manager and task manager.
  • Modern-looking user interface.
  • Low CPU and RAM usage.

Requirements for source code are available in Documentation.


ServerCrafter APLHA:

“General” tab:

General tab

“General” tab while hosting a server (autocomplete feature visible):

General tab - server hosting

“Options” tab:

 Options tab

“Get Plugins” sub tab in “Plugins” tab (there are approximately 8700 plugins in the list):

Plugins tab - Get Plugins subtab



  • Completed part of “General” tab. It not features:
    • Buttons for easy control of the server (“Start Server”, “Restart Server”, “Reload Plugins”, “Stop Server”, “Kill Server” and “Save All”).
    • “Clear Output” button.
    • Server status text.
    • Button toggles for “Auto Scroll” and “Say” (prefixes each command with “say “)
    • Colored output rich text box.
    • Autocomplete for commands text box.
    • CPU meter for ServerCrafter, the server and total computer usage.
    • Server uptime, IP address, port number and port open status.
  • Completed part of “Options” tab. It now features:
    • Changing of server properties.
    • Changing of server output colors.
    • Server launch parameters (RAM allocation, jar type, additional parameters).
  • Completed part of “Plugin Manager”. It now features:
    • List of all plugins that are available on
    • Filtering of the list
    • Information about any plugin and direct install from ServerCrafter.
    • List of all installed plugins.
    • Filtering of the list.
    • Deleting of any plugin directly from ServerCrafter
  • Completed “Mod Manager”. It now features:
    • List of all core mods and mods.
    • Filtering of the lists.
    • Deleting of any mod directly from ServerCrafter

To do:

  • Complete “General” tab:
    • RAM usage meter
    • Fix port open status acquisition
  • Complete “Options” tab:
    • Add additional user interface customization options (such as themes, server output font, etc.)
  • Complete “Plugin Manager” tab:
    • Add other info for plugins (such as image, changelog, etc.).
  • Create a task manager.
  • Create a player list.
  • Add mouse over color change for “close” and “minimize” buttons.
  • Rewrite and optimize code.
  • Add much more exception catching.

BETA release deadline is Monday, May 6th 2013.

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